Business Succession Planning

At Thomas, Fisher & Edwards, P.A., we have a unique understanding of the need to plan for the future of your business. Because our attorneys are not solely corporate transactional attorneys, but instead have practice areas that span across business planning, transactional drafting, tax planning, and estate planning, we believe that we have a greater understanding than most of the “big picture.” No matter the size or form of your business, our experienced team can help you protect your legacy and achieve your goals by weighing many aspects of business succession planning and cultivating a plan that is individualized for your unique situation.

Business succession planning is crucial to the ongoing success of a business. You may have built your business from the ground up through hard work and skill, but planning is the key to ensuring that your business—and your legacy—continues into the next generation. Our attorneys will listen to your desires—both personal and financial—for and help you to identify potential future owners and managers, maintain the loyalty of employees, and satisfy family members who you may, or may not, want to have direct involvement with the business.

Buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements, life insurance agreements, stock options, deferred compensation agreements, and wealth transfer through trusts are just some of the many ways in which our team can help you and your business. Business succession planning and estate planning are often intertwined, and our attorneys’ knowledge in both areas provides our clients the opportunity to comprehensively prepare for the future, in both their personal and business lives and do so in the most tax efficient manner possible.