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Thomas, Fisher & Edwards, P.A.
Our Firm

Our Mission

We are committed to the highest quality professional and personal service that will benefit our clients and the important people in their lives.

Our Vision

We will continue to provide excellent service to our clients as we maintain a collaborative and personable approach to all of our projects.

Our Values

We strive to provide premium, innovative counsel that adheres to the highest standards of ethics and legal excellence.

Our Story

For years, founders John R. Thomas and Randy E. Fisher enjoyed success in their respective careers, but as their capabilities grew, so did their desire to form their own law firm reflecting their collaborative vision. In 2003, they started a new firm that had the potential to become anything they wanted it to be, and as the firm grew, so did its values. In 2015, Matt Edwards became a principal, and he, Randy Fisher, and John Thomas (prior to his retirement) have continued to work to establish this ethos as our foundational ideology: superior, personalized service from the top down. Today we believe that having the best lawyer in the arena is the starting point, not the endgame, in providing clients with the quality of individualized service that they deserve. Greatness in a law firm requires not only superior principals, but the most accomplished associates, the best and brightest paralegals, and the most qualified support personnel available in their fields.
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We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our decisions, actions, and communications.


We recognize that our clients must have complete trust in us, and our work remains first-rate in form and function.


We strive to provide our clients with creative and sophisticated solutions that other firms are unable to match.

Who We Are

D. Parker Baker III

Ailise Bartolotta Legal Assistant

Ellie C. Bernard
Legal Assistant

Junmo Cho

Brittany L. Crane
Senior Paralegal
& Practice Manager

Matthew B. Edwards
Principal, Attorney

Benjamin C. Ferris Law Clerk

Randy E. Fisher
Principal, Attorney

Megan C. Flower
Legal Assistant

Jordan S. Goewey

Ian J. Hamrick
Legal Assistant

Spenser R. Illsley

Melody J. Jones
Office Coordinator

Mira A. Prisco
Law Clerk

Mary E. Shebs

Olivia G. Reimers
Executive Director

John R. Thomas
Attorney, Retired

David A. Thompson